v0.9.9 Multi-platform release and Hotfix!

Full release of this weirdness now!

I've built a Linux and Mac version of the latest update, so now you can play this shitpost on anything with a keyboard!

I've also fixed a few bugs that were plaguing the initial release. Lighting should now be fixed for the darkzones, the ham in the sky temple has been brought back down to earth and the clown king is talkative once again!

Finally, a few of you were asking to meet the Shreep herder. I have heeded your works and you can now go up and meet him. Only if you can find the way though!


Eggular Game v0.9.9 - Windows Version 306 MB
2 days ago
Eggular Game v0.9.9 - Linux Edition 321 MB
2 days ago
Eggular Game v0.9.9 - Mac Version 310 MB
2 days ago

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Perfection. There is one last thing I ask: could you please update the soundtrack playlist? I must have that Buck Bumble remix.


Consider it done!


Bless you Devin.